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November 27, 2015

After 000webhost deleted my website on August 23 and again on September 22, and was hacked in October, my website stayed offline for weeks because I haven't bothered to maintain my website. I decided it was time to search for a new web host. (Warning: technical rant incoming)

The main things I look for in a web host are that it must be free, it must run PHP, it must be an Apache server (.htaccess), it should not force ads, it should support parked domains, and it should park my "" domain on it. During this first half of Thanksgiving Break (Nov 25 - 27) I have found only one host that met all of the above criteria.

But before I reveal the one I finally settled on, I must say that I tried three other webhosts yesterday without success:, FileHostingHero, and Subdomain Hosting. 000Free would not let me park my ".tk" address on its subdomain. I could not upload a single file to FileHostingHero because it did not provide a domain name for uploading files. Subdomain Hosting also refused to serve my ".tk" address. Signing up for each of these and figuring out how to use the FTP in each instance occupied the majority of my time yesterday.

Only today did I finally find one that worked, but it was a bit confusing to set up. That would be x10Hosting. It was one I had used in the past, but I had never bothered to look further into it. The FTP uploading was straightforward but the htaccess kept interfering with how the files were delivered. I ended up cutting out the GZip part, the all pages PHP code, and the caching rules. One more thing I would like to add is that the uploads don't immediately take effect (unlike 000webhost). After each change of the .htaccess file and each file upload, I had to wait about 30 seconds to a minute before the changes took place on the server. Just be aware out there if you're looking for a free webhost.



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